Life Coaching with Janet

Three Month Coaching Package

A 3 month one-on-one coaching program designed to bring you on a path of transformation.  Are you ready to write your own script?


This life-changing personal three-month package will help you achieve your goals and get the results you want! You will get the support, growth, and clarity you need to take inspired action much more quickly than you would be able to on your own.  In addition to our twice-monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, you will receive a customized set of powerful bonuses that you can use daily to keep you accountable to your goals and manifest your dreams with a lot more joy.






Three-Month Coaching Package Includes:

Twice a month personal coaching sessions clear your blocks so you are able to move forward with ease.


  • Month One: Map your vision and how to get there. What are your biggest challenges? Discover what you really want in life and career.

  • Month Two: Experience a groundbreaking technique that will assist you in identifying your core beliefs and how they affect your reality.  A new framework for success with goals that will move you forward is created.   

  • Month Three: Delve deep and activate the secret to really attracting what you want and feeling good every day.

Three valuable bonuses:

  1. 3-month Success Journal that will deepen your growth and insights

  2. A daily guided meditation MP3 to keep you motivated and on track.

  3. Additional 45-minute bonus session after completion of 3-month series ​

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