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Workshops to be determined, September, 2019

Are you ready to make a change and don't know where to begin? How would it feel to align with your desires, expand your awareness and break through any barriers that are keeping you from enjoying the abundance life has to offer? 

Beliefs are conscious and unconscious and expanding one's awareness helps identify limiting beliefs that can prevent us from realizing our true potential.  These limiting beliefs can create obstacles that keep us from living an abundant life.  Is your subconscious mind serving you success and abundance? 

Our beliefs affect our thoughts

Our thoughts impact our feelings  

Our feelings influence our actions (which includes inaction)

Our actions create our results

In essence, our beliefs create our reality​

Topics Include


  • Circle of Fulfillment - A tool for establishing insight information into one's life; a Self Assessment to create awareness and determine areas that want to improve or change.
    Saturday, February 23 

  • Circle of Beliefs- Identify Limiting Core Beliefs - Dig Deep and Pull the Weeds/Circle of Truth-Belief Transformation - Planting New Beliefs - Grow Your Roots 
    Saturday, March 23 


  •  My Fantastic Future - Creating & Designing the Future of your Dreams - getting clear about what you really want.
    Saturday, April 13 

This workshop will assist you to identify what is really important to you, and define your big vision and long-term goals while also creating action plans that include those short-term goals along the way.  It is important to challenge our beliefs to see if we maybe operating from the wrong viewpoint or perspective.  We have built in and programmed into our subconscious minds the wrong responses to life situations that cause us to respond the way we have been programmed.



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