Yoga & Embodied Awareness

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As human beings, we are already resourceful and whole. It’s true! We have all the tools we need to live a genuine and whole life. All those answers we are looking for are actually deep within us!


So then WHY do we sometimes feel stuck or confused or unable to find a sense of balance and stability in our lives?


Here’s how you can find out…Join Janet in her Yoga & Embodied Awareness Workshop and explore the importance of your “WHY”. 


One of  Janet’s visions as a trained yoga teacher and life coach is to share my expertise in assisting women to determine their “why” and then help them develop appropriate action steps to support their “why”! 


In this workshop,  Janet will share with you steps to get in touch with your own deep awareness of how to live your best life. 


During the workshop, Janet will thread in the practice of yoga to help you learn how to look within for the answers by practicing pausing and self-reflection. Each participant will have the opportunity to utilize their own wisdom to gain clarity and insight into who they are, what they truly want, and where they are going in their Life. This comprehensive embodiment practice is designed to evoke transformation, reflection and provide a safe and supportive environment.


This workshop will include the practice of yoga and breathing techniques combined with powerful life coaching processes designed to unlock your innate potential. Additionally, Janet will offer TWO  accountability check-in appointments during the month.

Topics Include


  • Circle of Fulfillment - A tool for establishing insight information into one's life; a Self Assessment to create awareness and determine areas that want to improve or change.

  • Circle of Beliefs- Identify Limiting Core Beliefs - Dig Deep and Pull the Weeds


  • Circle of Truth-Belief Transformation - Planting New Beliefs - Grow Your Roots    ​