Past Workshops

Below are workshops from Beyond Yoga given this summer. Contact Janet for more info on future scheduling on these topics or others. 

Wholeness through Art Making

 Sunday, March 24-Saturday, March 29
    Time: Before or After Class
"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."   Thomas Merton
Astrology - How to Read Your Natal Chart 

Join Nicole to learn how to read your Astrological Natal Chart which will provide a deep understanding of Astrology as it pertains to yourself.  (e.g., your life experiences and areas of potential and growth).  She will be using each of the participants individual Natal Charts to teach the course, therefore each one will receive and gain insight into your personal Natal Chart.  The participant will learn how to make sense of any Natal Chart (i.e., the Signs, Planets, Houses, and Aspects that make up a chart).  It will be fun, interactive and will create an invaluable awareness.

Yoga for the Family

Family yoga is a wonderful, playful workshop. Injected with laughter and levity, this class is full of opportunities to engage, explore and strengthen the parent-child relationship.  The workshop will include yoga poses, breathing exercises, partner work and relaxation techniques designed to foster awareness, confidence and positive relationships. Come join us for the dynamic afternoon!

Yoga Release & Restore & Nidra Meditation


  Janet will teach an empowering flow class to warm up the body in preparation for it to release and restore. Restorative poses recharge our energy reserves, heal the effects of stress and bring our nervous system into a more balanced state. A steady breath empowers the body to purify and the mind to relax. Perfect for those days you need to slow down, calm your mind and open your heart. 


Linda will guide you through Yoga Nidra Meditation for full body and mind relaxation. This powerful yet gentle combination will allow you to relax, balance and heal. Take time to care for yourself creating wholeness to your body, mind, and spirit.                                         

Inversion Excursion Workshop


Inversions can bring up a lot of fear. Learning how to do them safely and correctly with proper alignment technique, breath awareness and core strength can transform your fear into empowerment.

The many benefits of inversions include: reversal of blood flow and improved circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system to move out toxins, they help to both energize and calm the body, improve balance and increase strength

Handstand, headstand, & shoulder stand will be covered in this month’s inversion workshop. No inversion experience is necessary! This is where you come to learn.


Tiny Tots Yoga (3-5 year olds)

Come join in on a fun adventure! Whether barking like a dog, balancing like a tree or resting as quiet as rock, this class will provide wonderful opportunities to learn and grow one yoga pose at a time.  Classes involve experiential and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, games, breathing and relaxation techniques.

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