“How people make you feel says a lot about who they are.” When people (myself included!) walk away from being with Janet, they always feel happy, loved, safe and ready to take on whatever challenges life sends their way... Janet is an incredibly dedicated, compassionate, positive and inspiring volunteer for SOUL RYEDERS.  


She is a Client Coordinator for The Wig Exchange and runs our SOUL STRONG survivor program.  She has a boundless warm heart and goes to great lengths to share her passions and make everyone around her feel comfortable and happy.  She strives to help others achieve their personal goals and maximize their potential.  Janet is a beacon of hope and a true gem" ~Sandy Samberg

"I walked into Janet’s class 30 years ago and I have followed her ever since.  Janet’s enthusiasm, energy, kind and loving spirit, is contagious.  She has taught me that exercise and in particular, yoga can help you get through some very difficult times in your life.  She is a true inspiration to everyone that she meets and wherever Janet is teaching I will be there!" ~Kathy Casey

"I've been taking this outstanding yoga class with Janet Muller for three years. I'm not local to the area, and I am willing to travel a distance to take her classes. Janet has a large following of people that go back decades.  Although her classes are intermediate to advanced, during practice, beginners have the opportunity for Janet's individual attention and help.  I always come out of class feeling better than when I entered.” ~Carol Terenzi​


 “Deep thanks to Janet Muller for her dedication and consistency in teaching us how to practice yoga. Your unique approach is educational, healing, positive, and enjoyable.  We can't help but experience deep restoration after being with her. Cancer has torn us apart and broken our spirits but thanks to Janet and the Y4C class, we have hope to get back to who we used to be but better! :-)” ~Laura Dreymru

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