Sound Healing with Karin Reetz

Sunday, March, 22 


Pre-register: $35, drop in $40 (6 to enroll)

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They produce a deep penetrating sound that’s used to relax and repair the mind.  Sound Healing uses vibrations to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being.  

Come experience a deep relaxation with the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Chimes and tuning forks with Master Sound Healer, Karin Reetz. 


Studies have shown that Tibetan Singing Bowls have the ability to induce deep relaxation of muscles, joints and organs, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve sleep, detoxify the body and relieve pain, depression, and anxiety. 

With the right Sound Healing techniques any healing modality can be transformed into a quantum healing modality.

Yoga & Therapeutic Touch Workshop
with Janet and Linda Thomas

Wednesday, January 15


Pre-register: $35, drop in $40 (6 to enroll)

Please join Licensed Massage Therapist, Linda Thomas from Bon Accord Massage, and myself in this healing workshop that integrates yoga, acupressure and massage. 


In this workshop we will focus on detoxification, inside and out. You will be guided through a series of yoga asanas that will detox the system and stimulate the cleansing organs of the liver, kidneys and lungs. Yoga detoxification is simple and effective in flushing out harmful substances from the body. Acupressure will be applied in conjunction with hands-on massage to support the process. You will also learn key acupressure points for self-care so that you can continue your healing at home.  


Goodbye bloating and sluggishness, hello new you!

Teens Moving Beyond 

with Linda Mackay

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30pm 

January 8 - February 12

13yr/8th grade/18yr/12th grade 

Pre-register: $120 (6 to enroll)

Yoga is an engaging and non competitive way to support the mental, physical, social and emotional health of our teenagers.  A time for teems to come together in a supportive environment to explore yoga; a mind, body and spirit experience. 

Strengthen, stretch, balance and breathe with posture practice, as well as relax the mind and body fully with a guided meditation.  Brief, non-religious, but spiritual/energetic aspects of yoga will be integrated into the classes, as inspiration for living a fulfilling life.  


Tiny Tots Yoga (3-5 year olds)
with Corey Essanson

Tuesdays, 12:30-1:15pm 

January 21 - March 3 (no class Tuesday 2/18)

Pre-register: $150 (6 to enroll)

Come join in on a fun adventure! Whether barking like a dog, balancing like a tree or resting as quiet as rock, this class will provide wonderful opportunities to learn and grow one yoga pose at a time.  Classes involve experiential and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, games, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Middle Schoolers on the Mat

Join Nicole Alexander

Mondays: 3:45-4:45pm 

(to be determined)

Yoga has been shown to enhance physical health as well as social and emotional development. Students will learn valuable skills in learning to cope with stresses at this age.  This yoga class series is built around themes such as Gratitude and Kindness, Self Esteem and Acceptance.  The student will practice fun and creative yoga poses and learn breath techniques for calming and centering. 


Some of the benefits of yoga for middle schoolers: 

  • Strengthens Listening Skills and Focus

  • Builds Self-Esteem 

  • Cultivates Body Awareness (Mind/Body Connection)

  • Supports Emotional Regulation

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